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What Is a Loan Modification?

The economic downturn has hit people from all sides, bringing unemployment, job loss, reduced home values, even resulting marital and health problems. We address financial problems from all sides. We at Debra Booher & Associates offer various bankruptcy options, a wealth of good advice and solutions including loan modification when appropriate.

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There are multiple parties involved in debt situations, including multiple creditors, yourself and perhaps a bankruptcy trustee. Debtors often have trouble getting cooperation or answers when they try to negotiate, or even getting to talk to the right party. When we get involved, negotiating with lenders often becomes possible and effective.

Lenders are now more willing than ever to negotiate and modify loan terms, including interest rates. They don't want to foreclose and take your home, to add to all the homes they are already trying to re-sell. However, they look at your situation realistically: will a better payment amount really allow you to keep your home, or will they have to foreclose anyway, in the near future?


What is your situation? Are you "house poor"? Is your home loan overwhelming? Have you lost your job? Do you have other debts you cannot pay? We can advise you as to whether loan modification is likely — or helpful to you. Our experience allows us to see all of your options, and to offer solutions. Loan modification may be part of a larger solution to your situation. Bankruptcy may or may not be necessary or right for you.

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