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Contrary to what they may say, it is rarely in a mortgage lender's best interest to begin the foreclosure process when you file for bankruptcy and wish to keep your home. In fact, they cannot do so without the court's permission, and they must have a basis to seek such permission. Banks and other creditors know that they stand a far better chance of recovering their collateral interest in a loan by working with homeowners filing for bankruptcy rather than pursuing an expensive and time-consuming foreclosure on your home.

We will help guide you to the best chapter for your situation to keep your home. We will tell you straight so that you can make clear, informed decisions. Debra Booher & Associates is one of the leading consumer bankruptcy law firms in northeastern Ohio with the experience of over 15,000 bankruptcies behind them.

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Avoiding Home Foreclosure Through Bankruptcy

Homeowners can fall behind in their mortgage payments for any number of reasons, including huge medical bills, unemployment or a divorce. Regardless of your reason, foreclosure is typically the last resort for lenders and borrowers facing the effects of a financial struggle. Despite many new law myths, filing bankruptcy under Chapter 13 is a viable option for protecting your home from foreclosure.

We can help you determine if you have the income to continue paying your mortgage payments and catch up on those in arrears though a repayment plan that makes sense for your financial situation. We encourage clients to see the big picture when it comes to their home by sitting down with a lawyer at our firm and coming up with a sensible plan to stop foreclosure. We work with a lender to restructure your house payments and save your home or to cure arrears through Chapter 13.

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