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If a mortgage on other property is secured by a lien, the lien itself usually survives the bankruptcy. While your personal obligation to pay the mortgage on your home may be discharged, the mortgage lender's lien still exits. Without making arrangements in a timely fashion, they may have the right to foreclose on the property.

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How Do I Save My House From Foreclosure?

If selling your home or property cannot satisfy a lien, it is unlikely a lender will foreclose on your home without trying to work with your first. A bankruptcy attorney at our firm can help people interested in keeping a home through bankruptcy or by working with their lenders to consider their options to save their home:

  • Keeping a home under Chapter 7: The homestead exemption for filing under Chapter 7 is $21,625, an amount that is protected from creditors (and this amount is periodically increased under the statute to account for inflation). If you are current on your mortgage payments, and your net equity does not exceed the exemption, then your home will not be at risk in Chapter 7. The important part is determining your "net equity," so you should seek legal advice to determine this figure. Guessing or listening to a friend who filed bankruptcy is extremely risky.
  • Keeping a home under Chapter 13: Homeowners with considerable equity have a greater chance of keeping everything under Chapter 13. While most mortgages cannot be modified, you can stop foreclosure by continuing to make future monthly payments while you catch up on any outstanding amount owed using a payment plan that is more affordable. Also, if you are current on your mortgage but have net equity exceeding the exemption, Chapter 13 is an excellent way to manage your other debt without putting your home at risk. Also, some second and third mortgages can be eliminated in Chapter 13 in certain circumstances. Thus, it is critical to get sound advice to see if this is an option for you.

Chapter 13 as well as Chapter 7 with redemption, reaffirmation and other bankruptcy concepts can be notoriously complex. We are here to help.

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