What Do I Bring To My Appointment?

  • DEBT LIST: Do not leave anyone off! Put a star next to those you want to keep! If you have credit cards you wish to keep, we can advise you on whether the creditor is likely to agree or not. Use our Debt List Form for easier preparation, or you may copy the format & type your own list in a word processing program.
      1. www.annualcreditreport.com
      2. www.creditreport.com
      3. www.creditreporting.com
      4. www.reliacredit.com
      • PAYMENT BOOKS for house, car loans and any other fixed monthly bills.
      • LIST OF ASSETS including house, car, money in bank, possible lawsuits, pensions, stocks, etc. We need this information to enable us to properly advise you of your bankruptcy options. Bring documentation on pension plans, annuities, 401ks, etc., including SUMMARY PLANS and STATEMENTS. ALSO, bring statements on Life Insurance policies with cash value.
      • HOUSE(S): What do you need to know about my house?
      • RECENT PAYSTUBS AND LAST 2 YEARS TAX RETURNS/W-2s. We need to determine your average income so bring a few stubs if pay fluctuates.

      • MONTHLY BUDGET (list of household expenses - use our Budget for better preparation.)

      • LAWSUITS (copies of any lawsuits, judgments, garnishments, etc.)

      • CASH OR CHECK to retain our services. You only need $200 to hire us.

    Failing to list a debt means it may not be discharged, and the creditor is still likely to learn of your bankruptcy & cancel your card or line of credit regardless!

    Example of your Debt List:

    Creditor name & address

    Account #

    Date Issued/Last Used

    What For

    Amount Owed

    Box 1234
    Sioux Falls, SD 12345



    Credit Card


    Box 1234
    Louisville, KY 12345



    TV, VCR,


    Box 555
    Cleveland, OH 44444



    Car Loan
    1993 Ford Escort


    Box 55555
    Atlanta, GA 12345

    12785419 1985


    First Mortgage
    289 S. Main
    Anywhere, OH 44444


    You can also supplement your debts with a Consolidated Credit Report from all three agencies.   This is your best option if you have lost track of debts over time.

    Below are some companies that offer consolidated credit reports from all three agencies:

    a. Mortgage balances $____________________
    b. Purchase price $____________________
    c. Fair Market Value $___________________
    d. Copy of DEED showing owners.

    How to value your house?

    You can talk to a realtor and ask for the COMPARABLES. Tell them you are NOT selling, but need to know the FAIR MARKET VALUE of your house so you can do a bankruptcy and keep it. They will often give you a printout and letter of valuation for free or a minimal charge. Ask before engaging their services!

    A number of Web sites offer home valuation information. A few sites are www.dataquick.com (charges $30-at last check-for a full home valuation estimate) and www.appraisal-net.com (offers a comparable sales report for $9.95-last time we checked). www.VirtualRealEstateStore.com will send a free home price analysis to your e-mail address within 72 hours or you can pay for an immediate reply. Also, www.domania.com provides comparables.

    You can also check the internet for other websites that will pull up comparables in your area.