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How much of your income can you lose to wage garnishment?

When you struggle to keep up with your bills in Ohio, you run the risk of your creditors coming after you in an attempt to collect what you owe. If those creditors are able to ultimately secure a court order against you, your employer may end up withholding some of your paycheck until your creditor receives everything owed to him or her.

What can bankruptcy’s automatic stay protect you against?

When medical bills, credit card debts and other consumer debts you accumulated in Ohio become too much to manage, you may devote some consideration to filing for bankruptcy as a means of giving yourself a fresh financial start. While doing so can potentially help you work through a number of different areas, it may, too, help put a stop to the steady stream of communications you are receiving from creditors wanting you to make good on your debts.

Seniors are facing increasing financial challenges

If you are a senior living in Ohio, like many of your contemporaries you may be worried about the amount of debt you are living with at the present time. This may overwhelm you and cause you to fear for your financial future during retirement. We here at Debra Booher & Associates Co LPA understand the many concerns you have as a result of your financial challenges. 

A look at the primary reason for personal bankruptcy

Despite the fact that many people in Ohio have at least some form of savings account, unexpected circumstances can wreak havoc on anyone's finances regardless of their preparation ahead of time. For many people, saving money is important but can also be challenging if they have other things, they would rather spend their money on that is seen as an immediate need. However, this limited mentality can put people in dire circumstances if they are slammed with an unanticipated financial obligation. 

Bankruptcy and child support payments

Child support can be one of the most stressful and confusing facets of the divorce process. Some parents worry that their ex will not make payments on time or that the payments will not be enough. On the other hand, some people worry that they will face financial hardships due to the amount of child support that they have to pay. Moreover, both custodial and non-custodial parents may be facing financial challenges and decide to file for bankruptcy, which can add even more uncertainty to the situation.

Filing for bankruptcy during a midlife crisis

Some people are in the middle of a midlife crisis, which can be a very tumultuous time in one's life. People may question the decisions they have made and feel unsatisfied with certain aspects of their lives. Midlife crises can bring on significant career changes, prompt people to move on from a relationship they have been in for many years or pick up new hobbies. People may also experience similar challenges during a quarter-life crisis. Fortunately, there are a variety of ways that people may be able to ease some of their anxiety and improve their outlook on life during these crises, such as getting rid of the debt that one has accumulated over the course of years.

Bankruptcy, divorce and planning ahead

People may run into many challenges when they bring their marriage to an end, and the same is true when it comes to the bankruptcy process. Sometimes, people find themselves dealing with both issues simultaneously. For example, someone may be experiencing financial challenges, leading to the breakdown of their marriage, and they may be trying to get rid of their debt by filing for bankruptcy at the same time. Or, someone may decide to file for bankruptcy because their spouse is no longer in their life and they want to move forward with the process, or because they believe doing so would be beneficial at this point in time. Regardless, it is essential to plan ahead.

How can you recover from bankruptcy quickly?

If you are an Ohio resident who is thinking of filing for bankruptcy, you are probably concerned about how this step will affect your future. While bankruptcy can make it difficult for you to obtain credit initially, do not despair. With the right approach, any financial roadblocks may be virtually gone within a few years.

Qualifying for a mortgage after bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy can often be your best option to avoid slipping further and further into debt. Yet it does not come without is consequences. The impact it can have on credit score (or more specifically, one's ability to finance major purchases such as a home) is typically what worries Cuyahoga Falls residents considering this option the most. You then likely have the same question that many who come to us here at Debra Booher & Associates Co., LPA ask: how soon after filing for bankruptcy can I qualify for a mortgage?

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