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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Archives

Keeping the past in the past with a fresh financial start

When people find themselves in a precarious financial situation in Ohio, they may be grasping for answers of things they can do to get out of debt and start anew. The challenge for many people is learning and developing new habits that will support a lifestyle where they can live debt-free and within their means. Often, the first step in this process of renewal is for people to acknowledge that the way they have managed their money in the past is clearly not effective and needs to be modified.

Are you drowning in credit card debt?

Like many Ohio residents, you may find that sometimes your expenses surpass your income. If this happens once in a while it may not be a big deal, but when it happens often, it can become destructive. Unfortunately, some people in this situation use their credit cards as a way to buy the things they need without fully considering the long-term consequences of this spending habit. 

Chapter 13 and your job

Also known as a wage earner's plan, Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be very beneficial for many people who have regular income due to a full-time job. However, it is important to take your job (as well as the income you earn) into consideration if you plan on filing for Chapter 13. You should be mindful of some of the immediate effects of filing for bankruptcy, from the advantages of this option to some of the responsibilities you will have, and you should also think about how this decision will affect you in the years to come.

What are the signs credit card debt is too high?

A credit card is a nice thing to have. When used correctly, it can help you in emergency situations or enable you to build your credit score for other financial moves down the road. However, many people in Ohio and other states struggle with credit card debt. If you are concerned about the amount of debt you have, then it is a wise idea to understand some signs that your credit card debt is getting out of control.

What are some bankruptcy myths?

When it comes to filing bankruptcy in Ohio, there are many myths. If you believe them, it could be harmful to you in the long run. Some myths vilify bankruptcy and could make you avoid filing when it really is the right option for your situation. Others can just confuse you and lead to mistakes when you do file. Knowing fact from fiction can enable you to make better choices when it comes to bankruptcy.

Is it possible to recover your finances following a bankruptcy?

Financial problems can be some of the most stressful hurdles to overcome, especially when your troubles involve mounting debts with shrinking deadlines. If you have found yourself considering filing for bankruptcy in Ohio. 

What debts are excluded from Chapter 13 discharge?

If you qualify for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, it offers you many potential benefits. Because a Chapter 13 bankruptcy reorganizes your debt rather than liquidating assets in order to pay it off, in most cases you will be able to retain your property in Ohio, such as your house or your car, when you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. At the end of your repayment period, if you have kept up your payments on time, most of your debts will no longer remain.

Critics protest the Chapter 13 debt limits

Individuals in Ohio who have an income, but cannot meet their monthly obligations, may have an option to keep their property by filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. The U.S. Bankruptcy Courts explain that this process consolidates the debt, and then the filer makes payments over the next three to five years. Generally, secured loans such as a mortgage or vehicle loan have precedence over unsecured loans, such as medical bills.

What are the benefits of filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

You have run into some problems with being able to make your mortgage payments on your home. After much consideration and visiting almost every other alternative, you have recently started to consider filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. However, you are hesitant because of the often-negative imagery that is associated with a bankruptcy filing in Ohio. Now, you are wondering if there could possibly be any benefits to making this decision. 

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