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What Is Bankruptcy?


Under federal law, those who have significant debt and no resources by which to pay back their debts have the option of filing bankruptcy. This is a legal tool that allows an individual to eliminate debts through liquidation or reorganize debts through a repayment plan.

In some cases, a person can even go through bankruptcy without losing possessions.

Bankruptcy offers people a fresh start as well as relief from harassing creditor phone calls and wage garnishment, which are practices that could lead to a loss of employment. Bankruptcy can also relieve the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck or feeling anxious about having no savings.

Getting Your Fresh Start

Thanks to several laws passed by Congress, we no longer have debtor’s prisons and being in debt is no longer considered a crime. However, the shame some people feel about their debt can feel like a prison as can harassing phone calls from unscrupulous creditors.

For many people, bankruptcy is the preferred choice because it offers a fresh start free from crippling debt. Creditors like bankruptcy too because without it, they cannot write off your debt and get the tax savings, unless they relentlessly hound you until you pay.

Protect yourself and your future. Contact Debra Booher & Associates to discuss your bankruptcy options with an experienced bankruptcy attorney in northeastern Ohio.

Keep Your Possessions

Most people are very confused about what bankruptcy involves, and many have heard horrible misstatements about bankruptcy law, including many new myths. The cold, hard truth is that most people keep all of their possessions — even houses and cars.

The bankruptcy laws are designed to alleviate the pressure of your debts and make your life better.

We can provide advice and services for the following topics:

We will not take your case if bankruptcy is not going to improve your situation! We have turned down many cases where the people had better nonbankruptcy options available.

Filing Bankruptcy In Ohio

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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.