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Petition Preparers/Pro Se Filing


If you are struggling financially, it can be hard to consider hiring a bankruptcy attorney. But it is more affordable than you may think. You may also not be aware of the dangers of attempting to file on your own, or hiring a “petition preparer.” There are at least two significant dangers.

For more information about the two dangers of petition preparers and pro se filings discussed below, contact a lawyer at Debra Booher & Associates today.

What Are You Getting From Your Petition Preparer?

Using a petition preparer is basically like filing your bankruptcy petition yourself. It may amount to merely hiring a typist. They are not authorized to give you legal advice, and it is illegal for them to do so. They cannot answer your questions. They cannot tell you what exemptions you are entitled to. They cannot tell you what is likely to happen in your case.

Are They Holding Themselves Out As Attorneys?

It is illegal for non attorneys to give legal advice. That concerns them, but as for you, what if you get bad and incorrect advice? We have seen this too often. For example, you may file under Chapter 7 only to arrive at a meeting with the bankruptcy trustee to find your house will be sold, or be directed to convert to Chapter 13 with the immediate assistance of a lawyer. Bankruptcy trustees represent your creditors, and they are in a very awkward position if you have not proceeded with good advice.

Contact Our Ohio Bankruptcy Lawyers

Your situation and the bankruptcy process are more complicated than you probably think. We can help. Filing on your own, or “pro se” can be a very costly mistake. There are often complications and “snags” in many cases, but we are aware of them. We will help you prepare for and avoid problems.

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