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Sadly, debt-relief industry is replete with fraudulent actors

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2016 | Personal Bankruptcy |

In bygone years, you might have been an enigma on your block if you related to your neighbors and acquaintances that someone who made representations to you on the phone or through the mail turned out to be a scam artist intent on somehow defrauding you.

Sadly, and as most of us know fully well these days, such behavior is no longer singular or practiced upon only a few select individuals.

Indeed, it is widespread, with it certainly being an arguable proposition that fraudulent schemes aimed at sucking the money out of consumers’ wallets have reached epidemic proportions.

For residents across Northeastern Ohio and everywhere else in the country, that unfortunately means this: You simply have to be routinely aware in every scenario pursuant to which an individual or company is allegedly seeking to improve your life.

Debt relief is squarely a case in point, with the advocacy group Consumer Federation of America noting just yesterday in its annual survey on consumer protection that fraud is a rife and seemingly intractable problem in the debt-relief industry.

And the third-party promises that are often made to help you restore credit, modify your mortgage, erase retail debt and regain financial traction are especially egregious because they prey upon individuals and families who are unquestionably under stress from pressing financial challenges.

The advice and representation provided to debtors with financial concerns by a proven debt-relief and bankruptcy attorney is fundamentally different from the rhetoric and promises of disreputable actors who routinely misrepresent their abilities to assist in important financial matters.

The attorney-client relationship is based on confidentiality, candor and trust, with an experienced debt-relief lawyer being tasked at all times to fully promote the best interests of an individual or family needing help.

Seeking candid and professional debt-related advice is often the first step necessary to gain a fresh financial start. An experienced debt-relief attorney commanding a wealth of on-point experience, as well as empathy and passion brought to bear in legal representation, can answer questions and provide diligent advocacy in a consumer bankruptcy case.


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