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February 2018 Archives

The benefits of bankruptcy, from an emotional standpoint

When people think about bankruptcy, they likely understand the potential financial benefits of filing a petition, such as getting rid of debt or establishing a payment plan that helps one tackle their financial problems. However, what some may not realize is that filing for bankruptcy successfully could lead to other benefits as well. For example, those who are able to get rid of their debt may experience lower levels of anxiety or depression and could also be beneficial from a physical standpoint. In Cuyahoga Falls and across all of Ohio, it is pivotal for those who are going through a hard time financially to look at all of their options as they try to tackle the problem.

Child support obligations and bankruptcy

When it comes to bankruptcy, each case is unique and some people face particularly difficult challenges, such as those who are struggling with child support payments. With regard to bankruptcy and child support, there are a number of things that non-custodial parents who are struggling with payments should keep in mind. In Ohio, the outcome of a bankruptcy case could have a significant impact on the financial future of those who are responsible for paying child support.

Bankruptcy filing in place for popular gun brand, Remington

One of the most feared nightmares of any Ohio company is the reality of needing to file for bankruptcy when a major bump in the road hurts sales and withholds profits. Many companies go to great lengths to protect against the financial pitfalls that are so notorious for leading to bankruptcy filings. However, there are times when a seemingly wise decision ends up backfiring when circumstances fluctuate due to consumer demand, changes in the economy or problems with organizational processes. 

5 steps to improving your financial situation

Alexandra is usually very well put-together, never a hair out of place and always perfectly dressed for the occasion. The morning she met Katie for coffee, however, her blouse was half tucked in and had a stain on the sleeve. Her eyes looked tired and there were bags underneath. Her ready smile wasn’t anywhere to be found. “Are you doing okay?” Katie asked her.

Chapter 7 and different property exemptions

Bankruptcy often brings up various issues, but it is essential to keep in mind that each case is unique. The ins and outs of one person's circumstances may vary dramatically in comparison to another person's financial hurdles, which is why it is so crucial to figure out which type of bankruptcy protection is ideal given your situation. Even after you have figured this out, you will need to carefully go over your financial affairs and understand how the bankruptcy could affect your life. Many people benefit from Chapter 7, especially those who are worried about losing certain assets. Fortunately, this route can help people retain certain assets that are considered exempt.

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