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Keeping the past in the past with a fresh financial start

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2019 | Chapter 13 Bankruptcy |

When people find themselves in a precarious financial situation in Ohio, they may be grasping for answers of things they can do to get out of debt and start anew. The challenge for many people is learning and developing new habits that will support a lifestyle where they can live debt-free and within their means. Often, the first step in this process of renewal is for people to acknowledge that the way they have managed their money in the past is clearly not effective and needs to be modified.

According to, one critical step that people must take is to put more effort into saving their money. They should assess how much income they have coming in each month and subtract their expenses from this number. This may require them to decide what is truly a necessity and what else can be put on hold. After basic necessities are accounted for, people should make a goal to save a consistent amount of money from each of their income checks. This money should be safely put away in a place where access is not as convenient as they are used to. 

CNBC also suggests that people look into the possibility of investing some of their income into places that can yield a higher income than a general savings account. Because there are key differences between savings and investments, people may rely on a financial expert to help them decide where to allocate their funds for the most efficient and effective outputs. 

Once people identify and implement a new plan that they feel good about, it is imperative that they continually review what they are doing to identify areas where improvement can provide even more success. Depending on their financial situation, family dynamics, change in job status and other factors, people may find the need to modify their financial plan to account for both unexpected and expected changes in their life. 


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