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Bankruptcy could be an option for overwhelmed Ohio residents

On Behalf of | May 27, 2015 | Personal Bankruptcy |

In order to be successful, many Ohio residents know that money may need to be spent and investors attracted. However, if a person is unable to repay investors and/or make more money than he or she spent, serious financial issues could result. In some situations, parties may be too overwhelmed with debt to pay back loans, and they may wish to consider filing for bankruptcy

A man in another state recently filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in order to liquidate his assets. The situation came about after the man was petitioned by three creditors who were seeking over $10 million combined from the man. The man initially did not wish to file for bankruptcy, but the financial situation apparently did not allow him to avoid it.

There are also other creditors, and the man reportedly owes over $43 million to them. With such an overwhelming amount of money owed, the man filed bankruptcy against approximately $4 million worth of assets. He will face a court date, and during that appearance, his financial situation will be addressed. He will testify about his debts, and creditors will be able to ask questions. 

Difficult financial situations can befall individuals at any time, and in some cases, the money owed can be a staggering amount. If the necessary funds are not available, filing for bankruptcy may be a responsible option that Ohio residents wish to consider. This debt management option can help those affected in addressing their financial situation and working toward achieving a more stable financial ground.

Source:, “Columbus entrepreneur files $43.6M bankruptcy“, Zack Plair, May 16, 2015


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