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Credit card, medical debt may plague Ohio residents

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2015 | Medical Debt |

Many Ohio residents may feel that they have a handle on their finances. Unfortunately, unexpected expenses can sometimes arise that may put that stability at risk. Medical debt is often an issue that can lead to many individuals facing thousands of dollars in debt that they may be uncertain how to handle. Luckily, there are debt relief options.

One woman in another state recently came to know the benefits of filing for bankruptcy. It was reported that she was facing $6,000 in credit card debt due to being unable to work after a car accident in addition to $15,000 in medical expenses due to needing emergency appendix surgery. With over $20,000 in debt and collection calls coming in, the stress was becoming overwhelming.

She later decided to take care of her debt by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Though it was a difficult decision for her to come to, she realized that it had a beneficial impact on her situation. She stated that though her credit score was impacted by the filing, she still received offers to open lines of credit, and later, she was able to raise her score to a higher level. Six weeks after filing, she was informed that she was released from her credit card and medical debts.

Taking the step to move forward with bankruptcy is a big decision to make. Some Ohio residents may be uncertain as to whether the outcomes will be truly beneficial, but information on the various filings may help individuals learn more about the possible outcomes. Medical debt and credit card bills can be overwhelming, but there may be hope for a fresh financial start.

Source:, “What one woman learned from declaring bankruptcy after taking on $20,000 of debt“, Libby Kane, July 21, 2015


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