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Medical debt could plague Ohio residents, bankruptcy may help

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2015 | Medical Debt |

Medical emergencies can arise at any point, and individuals may be faced with considerable expenses in order to be treated for illnesses or injuries. When these expenses come about, parties may not always be able to immediately pay those expenses, even with the help of insurance. As a result, medical debt could cause individuals to face financial hardships that could seem overwhelming.

Ohio residents may be interested in a study from another state in which it was reported that numerous individuals who filed for bankruptcy had some form of medical debt. Forty percent of the individuals in the study were reported as having more than $5,000 in medical expenses as part of their bankruptcy filings. It was also noted that more than $5 million dollars in medical debt were part of filings total last year.

One individual experienced wage garnishment after having to undergo surgery and facing considerable medical expenses. It was reported that even after insurance, she still owed thousands of dollars in medical bills. After her wages began to be garnished, she decided to file for bankruptcy in order to get a better handle on her financial situation.

Individuals who are facing medical debt can often feel as if they do not know how to handle their financial predicament. Luckily, Ohio residents who are facing such circumstances have debt relief options that could prove helpful to them. Information on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy options could help interested parties determine which option they may qualify for and how their financial states could potentially improve.

Source:, “SEIU study confirms link between medical debt and personal bankruptcies in Lane County, OR“, Dec. 9, 2015


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