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Talking to your partner about debt

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2018 | Bankruptcy |

Our blog has covered all sorts of debt-related issues, from different bankruptcy options to various legal aspects related to filing for bankruptcy. That said, individual circumstances sometimes warrant a unique approach. For example, you might want to talk with your partner about your debt, whether you are married and have not disclosed certain debts to your spouse, are involved in a long-term relationship with a boyfriend or girlfriend, or are simply dating someone and unsure if disclosing this information is the right move. We know how challenging it can be to talk with someone you love about your debt and it is crucial for people across Ohio to approach this situation appropriately.

You might be worried about the possible consequences of revealing your debt to your partner. For example, you could be worried that you will become involved in a fight with your spouse, or that someone you are in a relationship with will decide to break up with you. Or, you could be worried that someone you have not known for very long will disassociate with you when they find out about your financial struggles. Ultimately, you will need to closely look into your circumstances and decide whether or not it is the right time to talk with your partner about this issue. By carefully presenting this topic with someone else and being prepared for their reaction, you might have an easier time moving forward.

Sometimes, bankruptcy is necessary and eliminating debt can help people avoid these discussions in the future. Our bankruptcy page has extra information on eliminating debt.


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