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Child support obligations and bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2018 | Bankruptcy |

When it comes to bankruptcy, each case is unique and some people face particularly difficult challenges, such as those who are struggling with child support payments. With regard to bankruptcy and child support, there are a number of things that non-custodial parents who are struggling with payments should keep in mind. In Ohio, the outcome of a bankruptcy case could have a significant impact on the financial future of those who are responsible for paying child support.

Child support debt cannot be discharged by filing for bankruptcy, but moving forward with a bankruptcy petition may help a parent who is struggling with back child support develop a payment plan and eventually get caught up. Moreover, finding the financial freedom that often comes with eliminating debt can make it easier for a parent who is having a hard time paying child support make their payments on time. There are all sorts of reasons behind a parent’s inability to pay child support, some of which may be out of their control (such as financial problems brought on by a medical crisis or the loss of their job).

Understanding the ins and outs of bankruptcy and how it may affect various facets of a person’s life can be tricky for those who are not very familiar with the bankruptcy process. Finding answers and addressing financial challenges in a timely manner should be a top priority for anyone who is unable to pay child support and considering bankruptcy. Our bankruptcy basics section has more on filing for bankruptcy and similar topics.


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