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Talking to loved ones about bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Bankruptcy |

There are so many facets of the bankruptcy process that have been covered on this blog, but those considering Chapter 7, Chapter 13, or another type of bankruptcy should bear in mind that they may encounter many more issues prior to and after the filing of their bankruptcy petition. For example, some people may have a hard time sharing their opinions with regard to bankruptcy while talking to a marital partner, child, parent, another relative, or even a friend. You may want to take another person’s opinions into consideration, especially if they are an important part of your life. However, you should not let someone prevent you from doing what is best because of their opinions.

Some people have a very negative view of the bankruptcy process, whether or not their thoughts are valid. It may be helpful to explain your decision to file for bankruptcy and the different ways in which this decision will turn your life around, although some people will never be in agreement. If you owe a family member money or are married, you may encounter additional topics as a result of filing for bankruptcy. If you feel that you are being bullied by someone in your family as a result of your bankruptcy, you should take steps to address this problem and prevent further conflict.

For many people, bankruptcy has transformed their lives from a financial point of view and in other ways as well. The bankruptcy basics page on our website has more on filing for Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and related topics.


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