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Information regarding bankruptcy proceedings in Ohio

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2015 | Personal Bankruptcy |

When an Ohio resident considers filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they may not fully understand a number of elements involved in the process. For example, some individuals might have questions about working with a bankruptcy trustee. In addition, a consumer may not know whether the action will work to delay a pending foreclosure.

In an effort to avoid issues while working with the trustee, it may be a good idea for the filer to disclose all their assets. This might include things that a person may not consider part of the bankruptcy filing, such as a pending legal settlement or potential inheritance. Furthermore, certain actions may not be considered reasonable or lawful by the trustee. For example, a debtor should avoid trying to shield assets by retitling them to other parties and taking out large cash advances prior to filing the action. The latter action may be considered fraud.

Where home foreclosures are concerned, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may work to delay the proceedings in certain jurisdictions. However, the length of that delay may be contingent on a number of factors.

The process of working through a bankruptcy with a trustee may be complicated and difficult for many consumers. Because a number of outcomes and exemptions depend on the jurisdiction and the particulars of each individual case, it may be important to work with an attorney who understands the process. That attorney may be able to explain the different types of exemptions that may be available to a client and might work with a trustee, representing their client’s interests throughout the proceedings.


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