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Credit card debt and the holidays

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Bankruptcy |

Recently, many people across the country celebrated the holiday season with friends and those they love. Family gatherings, gift-giving, and other traditions are an important part of this time of year for many people in Ohio. Unfortunately, some people also incur an incredible amount of credit card debt during the holiday season. Perhaps you racked up charges on your credit card in order to buy presents for your loved ones because you were worried about letting them down. Or, maybe you had to take on too much debt in order to travel to spend time with your family. Regardless of the reason why credit card debt has accumulated, it is important for you to look at your choices.

Sometimes, people are able to tackle credit card debt by setting up a payment plan and sticking to it. However, this is not possible for all people, especially those who may be struggling with long-term financial problems, were recently fired from their job, or have a medical problem that they did not see coming. For some people facing these challenges, bankruptcy is an efficient way to clear their debt and find fresh financial footing. Not only does eliminating credit card debt and other types of debt often provide peace from a mental standpoint, but it can improve life in other ways as well.

The decision to file for bankruptcy is hard for many people to make, but reviewing the situation could help clear up confusion or uncertainty. Our bankruptcy page has more on filing a bankruptcy petition.


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