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How managing your finances can help you stay debt-free

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2019 | Bankruptcy |

Realizing that the debt you have accumulated is more than what you are capable of paying back by the required dates is jarring, to say the least. Now, you are left to scramble and make changes to allow you to meet your lenders’ requirements before you are sent to collections or face the repossession of items that have value and meaning to you. At Debra Booher & Associates Co., LPA, we have helped many people in Ohio to learn more about how debt and bankruptcy will affect their financial future. 

Fortunately, you have the opportunity to live within your means and to make wise decisions regarding how you will spend your money. While the task of managing your finances may sound relatively simple, it does require your consistency and regular attention in order to identify where changes need to be made, as well as so you are able to stay aware of where your money is going out and why. 

According to Discover, learning about debt and how to avoid it is far more beneficial to you than trying to correct a major problem after it has already occurred. Your education can help you to plan ahead for a rainy day and to limit your spending where necessary to avoid the stress of drowning in debt. Some helpful suggestions you may consider as given by Discover include the following:

  • When you receive your paycheck, immediately deposit a modest amount into your savings account. 
  • When you purchase something on a credit card, do not allow it to exceed the amount of cash that you know you have available to make the repayment. 
  • Avoid the temptation to expand your budget if your income remains unchanged. 
  • Live within your means when making larger purchases such as a home or vehicle. 

When you prepare a budget for yourself that allows you to live freely without accumulating unnecessary debt, you can enjoy the things you do have without putting yourself in a dangerous situation. For more information about avoiding personal debt and bankruptcy, visit our web page. 


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