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Apps that can help get your finances back on track

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When you are in debt, it can feel overwhelming. Bills can pile up while you struggle to find a good place to start repairing the damage to your financial well-being.

However, you cannot begin to address a debt issue without knowing what caused it. That’s why paying attention to your finances is so important. In the age of smartphones, there are several useful apps that can help you track where your money’s being spent and on what:


A one-stop app for all your financial data, Mint aggregates everything from savings accounts to credit cards. It puts all your data into one easy-to-read app. It tracks spending and sorts it into different categories like restaurants or groceries. Even better, it does this automatically without any work from you.

The app updates in real time so you can see how much your credit card bill is with just a couple taps of your thumb. Mint is a great way to get all of your financial information organized in one place and can help you spot any irregularities.

You Need a Budget (YNAB)

Just like the title says, You Need a Budget is an app that helps people live within their means. The program will never let you set money aside that you don’t already have. This way, you budget for things like clothing or pet supplies with the money you have, not future money.

The app costs a yearly subscription but users claim it saves them the subscription price and more throughout the year. It’s a great tool to help you stop overextending your finances and living within your money.


Technically a new bank account, the Ally app can help save a few dollars from each paycheck in a savings account. The app can auto-debit from a bank account or send you reminders to deposit money.

Once in your account, your money earns up to a 2.4 percent interest rate, double the rate of other savings accounts. It’s a free service that can help you create (and grow) an emergency fund in a painless manner.

The first step towards addressing debt

Many people try to tackle debt without examining the spending habits that got them into it. This is an expensive mistake that can land people in even more debt.

Sometimes debt is too much to bear and people need a fresh start financially. If that’s the case, a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney can walk you through your options to wipe the slate clean and start over.


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