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Bankruptcy, divorce and planning ahead

On Behalf of | May 18, 2019 | Bankruptcy |

People may run into many challenges when they bring their marriage to an end, and the same is true when it comes to the bankruptcy process. Sometimes, people find themselves dealing with both issues simultaneously. For example, someone may be experiencing financial challenges, leading to the breakdown of their marriage, and they may be trying to get rid of their debt by filing for bankruptcy at the same time. Or, someone may decide to file for bankruptcy because their spouse is no longer in their life and they want to move forward with the process, or because they believe doing so would be beneficial at this point in time. Regardless, it is essential to plan ahead.

By carefully preparing for any of the challenges that could arise, people may be able to improve their chances of a favorable outcome with regard to bankruptcy and divorce as well. It is essential to carefully examine key legal issues and certain unique considerations that may apply to one person’s circumstances. For example, those with a high net worth or a considerable amount of debt may need to pay close attention to property division laws. Various bankruptcy-related concerns may also need to be taken into consideration, such as determining which type of bankruptcy will suit one’s needs best.

With thorough planning, people may be able to make better decisions with both their divorce and bankruptcy. These two topics can be intertwined in a number of ways and we discuss more legal matters related to these issues on our blog.


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