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Job-related injuries and bankruptcy

On Behalf of | May 5, 2019 | Bankruptcy |

When someone sustains an injury on the job, their life may unravel in various ways. They may encounter financial problems for various reasons, whether they cannot afford rehabilitation or are burdened with medical debt. Moreover, they may have to stop working temporarily, resulting in lost wages, or lose the ability to ever return to their previous position because of a permanent disability. On top of these hardships, they may be in a great deal of pain and they may be very worried about their future, especially if they are struggling with debt. For some people in this position, bankruptcy can help address some of these concerns.

Job-related injuries occur in many ways, from construction site accidents to workplace traffic crashes and even slipping while working in an office. These accidents can completely upend a worker’s life, and they may be struggling with other hardships prior to the injury (such as financial problems over credit card debt) which make it even tougher to recover from the accident. Some people who have found themselves in this position have been able to restore their sense of hope and get rid of the debt they are buried in by filing for bankruptcy. However, it is essential to explore all of your options prior to making any important decisions regarding bankruptcy.

There could be a number of options on the table, and there are many different strategies when it comes to filing for bankruptcy. We explore many more issues that are related to bankruptcy on our blog.


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