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Ohio residents alarmingly more prone to medical debt

On Behalf of | Dec 18, 2017 | Bankruptcy |

In causes of American debt, medical expenses are at the top of the list. Especially for patients going through a long-term health issue, healthcare bills can quickly pile up. Many people don’t have enough savings to cover the cost of an unexpected injury or condition.

Ohio residents, however, may be at a higher risk for medical debt. According to this year’s United Health Foundations report, Ohio is the 39th healthiest state in America, a rating well below ideal.

The report lists several reasons why our state is so unhealthy based on statistics. One factor is widespread smoking, which can raise the chances of cancer and result in high medical fees. Previously on this blog, we have explained how cancer patients are likely to suffer heavy debt in addition to the emotional strain of illness.

In terms of health-related behaviors like smoking, Ohio actually ranks lower at the 46th worst. This means that although residents can work to tackle unhealthy habits to avoid health problems, much of the damage is hard to reverse.

Medical fees often seem out-of-touch with what the average person can afford. One condition can lead to spending years and thousands of dollars on prescriptions, imaging tests, procedures and hospital stays. Insurance might not adequately cover the care you need – or you might not be insured at all.

Residents who struggle with medical debt can file for bankruptcy so they can continue to receive the care they need. To file for bankruptcy and save yourself and your family from the burden of medical debt, you can speak with an experienced attorney.


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